Finished Work – tell me what you think…

So finally I’ve finished my collections!

Here’s my advert for each collection that shows all the pieces for that collection and I’ve got to set up my stuff in the showcase on Tuesday.

So I have to pick one of them and I don’t know which one to choose… If you’ve got a favourite you think I should exhibit, please leave me a comment!


Aleta Collection

Aleta Advert



Passaro Collection

Passaro Advert



Arara Collection

Arara Advert


Work in progress

Finally I’ve finished wax carving! Last time I posted up a ‘wing’ collection, this time it’s and equally imaginatively named ‘feather’ collection!

There parts aren’t finish yet as there is still a wire component with a stone setting to be added later, so use your imaginations, but these will be sent for casting tomorrow.

Earrings –


Pendants –



Ring – particularly evil to carve


I’ve put a picture of just the carvings so you can see all the detail properly…


Next time – finished pieces!!

Sneak peak at my ‘wing’ collection

After spending a very long time sat in the same chair staring at a block of wax I’ve got the waxes for my ‘wing’ collection.

Quite happy with these, to be cast in silver this week


These will have tagua beads added to them after casting…

Now I just need to think of a proper name for my collection!

Upcoming Collection

I’ve decided to keep my jewellery blog separate from my travelling one (Willow Rolfe) so it doesn’t all turn into a big mess, so this is the start!

I’m making three collection, this first collection is based on a hand carved parrot, the beginnings on a new torque pendant

The initial drawing

Parrot Drawing

and the carving it produced


Mock up of the final design

Parrot Design

The little white leaves are made of vegetable ivory (Tagua). This is a mock up of my final design coming soon!

The second collection is based on this little bird


alongside this rather nice spoon with a bit of additional wax detail

Wax Carving

The three collections are tied together by subject an materials so I wanted to include some Tagua in this piece too. Rather than carving the bird in wax I had a go in Tagua. I also carved a little wax one to that I’m going to use in a commercial collection.

Tagua Carving

Mock up of final design

Gull Mock Up

Then last piece is more work in progress as I just have this carving at the moment, more to follow very shortly!

Goose Carving